Invitation to Japan-Denmark TeleTech Webinar on Oct. 14th 2020

Exploring the Future TeleHealth: eHealth accelerates the change of healthcare in the Post-Corona Era

Information in Japanese is available here.

Wednesday, October 14th at 18:00 JST (Japan) / 11:00 CET (Denmark)

It is hard to see or predict the end of coronavirus problem. Under these circumstances, the society pay more attention to Telemedicine and Tele-rehabilitation. This webinar focuses on the new initiatives/technologies that accelerate Telemedicine and make people continue Tele-rehabilitation with a joy. Also be touched upon the Japanese companies’ challenges in the Era of post-corona. In addition, we would like to introduce what JD Teletech has done so far.

Listening to the new ideas or difficulties from many of the participants (as many as possible), we hope this webinar could be an opportunity of investigating other new initiatives in the Era of Post-Corona.

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For more details, incl. program and registration link, see PDF in English and in Japanese.

JD TeleTech was established in April 2019. Since then, JD TeleTech has organized roundtables and workshops in Japan as well as in Denmark. JD TeleTech is going to continue these activities in both countries.