From Denmark to Tokyo: A Health Tech Research Expedition and Cultural Exploration

In late August, we embarked on an exciting journey from Denmark to Tokyo, Japan. This remarkable endeavor was made possible through JDTeleTech and a collaboration between the Laboratory for Welfare Technology – Digital Health & Rehabilitation in Denmark and Juntendo University Hospital in Japan. Our primary objective has been to conduct our research projects as part of our separate master’s programs at Aalborg University, Denmark.

Mathushan Gunasegaram, pursuing a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and Informatics, has been working on a research project to predict Heart Failure events using a sleep sensor device.

Bertil Sivertsson is enrolled in a master’s program in Clinical Science and Technology and has undertaken a research project in collaboration with the ‘Future Patient – Telerehabilitation of Patients with Heart Failure’ project. His research delves into exploring the opportunities and barriers surrounding the implementation process of sleep sensor devices for heart failure patients.

Our stay has been generously accommodated by Juntendo University in the cozy Yushima neighborhood of Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo. Under the guidance of our esteemed supervisor at Juntendo University Hospital, Dr. Takatoshi Kasai, we have been granted access to invaluable resources within the department for our research. Additionally, Dr. Kasai has facilitated our participation in various conferences and seminars closely aligned with our areas of study. Furthermore, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dean Dr. Hiroyuki Daida, Dr. Tetsuya Takahashi, and the outstanding team members within our department for their warm and gracious welcome and helpfulness.

When we are not working on our research endeavors, we have seized the opportunity to explore the captivating landscapes and vibrant cities of Japan. When not in Tokyo, our adventures have taken us to breathtaking destinations such as Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, and Nikko. The beauty and culture of this country have left an unforgettable impression on us, and we are profoundly grateful for the chance to collaborate with such knowledgeable individuals and experience the spirit of Japan.

As our departure date approaches at the end of this month, we look forward to cherishing our final moments in Japan, hoping that they will be as memorable as the incredible journey we have had thus far.

A special thank you to the organizations and to the grants for their funding that made this journey possible: Obel Fonden, Dansk Tennis Fond, Knud Højgaards Fond, William Demant Fonden, Marie & M.B Richters Fond, Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation, Otto Mønsteds Fond, Aalborg Stiftstidendes Fond, and Edel og Wilhelm Daubenmerkls Almenvelgørende Fond.

Invitation for Innovation & Research Webinar

Digital Health & Rehabilitation – Present and future collaboration between Denmark & Japan

Supported by the Royal Danish Embassy, Tokyo

Time: April 25, 2023 from 2.00pm to 4.30pm Japanese time / 07.00 – 09.30 Danish time

Place: Online (Zoom) and at Juntendo University, Bldg. 7, 13F, Ariyama Memorial Hall

The Japanese – Danish Research Network on Telehealth/Telerehabilitation and Welfare Technologies (JD TeleTech) is delighted to invite you to our upcoming seminar on: “Digital Health & Rehabilitation – Present and future collaboration between Denmark & Japan.”

As digital health and rehabilitation continue rapidly evolve, we believe that collaboration between countries is essential to driving research, innovation and improving patient outcomes. This seminar will explore the current state of digital health and rehabilitation in Denmark and Japan, present examples of current research collaboration as highlight opportunities for future collaboration. We are pleased to announce that expert speakers from both Denmark and Japan will attend and share their insights.

The target group for this seminar are researchers and healthcare professionals within digital health and rehabilitation, representatives from companies as well as Master or PhD students.

Download the full program here

It is free to participate in the event.


Please register at this link before Monday April 17, 2023 the latest.

We hope that you’ll be able to join us for this informative and engaging event.

Best Regards,

Dr. Hiroyuki Daida, Dean & Professor
Graduate School of Health Science,
Juntendo University, Tokyo, Japan


Dr. Birthe Dinesen, Professor & Head of Laboratory for Welfare Technology – Digital Health & Rehabilitation, Sport Science – Performance and Technology,
Department of Health Science and Technology,
Aalborg University, Denmark

Together for a Better Walk

IMASEN Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Aichi, Japan) visited us at Aalborg University as well as the Municipality of Aalborg.

Our mission: to help pre-frail seniors maintaining physical autonomy using the aLQ exoskeleton.

A research project headed by Sport Sciences – Performance and Technology research group in collaboration with IMASEN. This project is an example of how the JD TeleTech brings collaborators from Denmark and Japan together.

Master student in Robotics on an exchange stay at AAU

Koto Sakamoto w Mugyu

Master student Koto Sakamoto from Keio University in Tokyo, Japan is visiting Aalborg University for 4 weeks. The aim of her stay is to see how we work with research in social robots and to test her own prototype of a social robot in a Danish nursing home.

Koto has also given a guest lecture on her development of the social robot “Mugyu” (in Danish meaning “kramme-robot”).

Koto Sakamoto w Mugyu in lab

Visit from Japan

Yesterday, the Center for Welfare Technology had a visit from Japan, where the company RT Works presented a new walker with a motor, so that the elderly can get help with difficult walking.

Group picture at Center for Welfare Technology

There were also researchers from AIST – the national research institution for robots at the meeting.

Group picture at Laboratory for Welfare Technology

Subsequently, the group visited AAU SUND at the Welfare Technology Laboratory, where we discussed cooperation on the development of a new model for evaluating welfare technologies in Japan and Denmark. We see the need for this in both countries, and will cooperate on this in the future.

Visit to Japan January 2023


Professor Birthe Dinesen had a visit to Tokyo and JD TeleTech January 23-28 2023.

It was the first time after the COVID-19 pandemic that Dr Dinesen had a visit to Japan.

The aim of the visit was to meet with current collaborators and to establish new collaborators within JD TeleTech.

Thank you to Rumi at the Danish Embassy in Tokyo for help organizing the visits to the companies and other partners.

Visit Groove-X
Juntendo University

April 25 the JD TeleTech will have a round table at Jutendo University Hospital in Tokyo. Please stay turned on this webpage about more details.

Visit from Tokyo Metropolitan Government on elderly care and technologies

Wednesday the Elderly Housing Unit of Tokyo Metropolitan Government had a visit to the Lundbeck Center, Aalborg Municipality, Center for Welfare Technologies, Aalborg and Laboratory for Welfare Technology – Digital Health & Rehabilitation, Department of Health Science and Technology, Aalborg University.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The aim of the visit was to learn about elderly care and use of new technologies for future elderly care. The visit was part of the JD TeleTech network.

What did we learn from the COVID-19 pandemic regarding the use of digital technology in healthcare?

Come and participate on August 29-30 at the international conference on “Digital Health Beyond Covid-19: Lessons Learned” at Aalborg University (AAU) in Copenhagen.

The final program is now complete and available here.

You can register for the conference here no later than August 8.

There will be more than 40 exciting presentations from over 10 different countries. The conference is organized by the Transatlantic Telehealth Research Network (TTRN), International Society of Telemedicine & eHealth and AAU. Thanks to the Novo Nordisk Foundation for supporting the conference.

We hope to see you at the conference.

Worlds eldest application developer visited Aalborg University

We are honored that Ms. Masako Wakamiya from Japan today visited Laboratory for Welfare Technology – Digital Health & Rehabilitation, Aalborg University.

Ms. Masako Wakamiya at AAU

Ms Wakamiya is 87 years old and started getting IT knowledge/skills in the late 50s and has become IT evangelist. She is known as the oldest application developer in the world, and because of it, she was invited to WWDC by Tim Cook, CEO, Apple in 2017. When Tim Cook visited Japan, she met him upon his request. Furthermore, she had a talk show with Audrey Tang, IT Minister of Taiwan last year. She has a broad network also in Japan and been respected by the staff of Digital Agency and other IT related agencies/sections in Japan.

Ms. Wakamiya is in Denmark this week exploring how elderly persons use digital services in Denmark and how we deal with digital inclusion in practice. We had a fruitful discussion.

Ms Wakamiya also had a visit at Lundbygades Nursing home in Aalborg Municipality today.

Visit from Japan

Today Laboratory for Welfare Technology – Digital Health & Rehabilitation, AAU and JD TeleTech had visitors: Anne-Marie Thoft, Invest in Denmark; Masaki Teraoka, the Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo and Akihiro Sakurai, KMD (DNP), Yusuke Matsuura, DNP; Mika Yasuoka-Jensen, RUC; Mao Uchida Japannordic and team.

We discussed the new digitalization strategi in Denmark within digital health and research collaboration possibilities within digital health between Denmark and Japan.

So nice to be able to meet in persons again.